What is Home Sharing?

Home sharing is an arrangement where an adult with a disability lives in a person’s home and receives support and services based on their personal goals and needs.

Home sharing happens when a CLBC eligible person, and a person paid to provide support, live together in a home that is rented or owned by the paid support person.  The paid support person is called a home sharing provider.

Sharing skills and experiences home sharing providers, and the adults who live with them, enrich each others lives.

Home sharing services are offered in many ways. Some people live with family, others live with a roommate or a couple and some may live in a separate suite that is part of the home.

Becoming a Home Sharing Provider

Home sharing services are funded by Community Living BC and coordinated by community living agencies in the province.

If you would like to explore the possibility of becoming a home sharing provider you should complete the following:

  1.  Identify a community living agency that coordinates home sharing in your community .
  2. Contact community living agencies directly to  discuss your interest in home sharing, requirements, responsibilities and any next steps.

What are the Basic Requirements to be a home sharing provider?

Community Living British Columbia – Review information about becoming a home sharing provider, basic requirements and rates.

Are Home Sharing Payments Taxable?

CRA Ruling  – Non-taxable income ruling for home sharing providers.

Quality of Life

People’s quality of life is improved when their life includes the love of family and friends, relationships with others, and active participation in community.