Home Sharing Training: Communication Skills for Coordinators – June 2023

In-Person: Tuesday, June 20 – Thursday, June 22, 2023

This training is being offered for the first time and will have a limit of 28 participants. Planning is presently underway to deliver additional sessions over the balance of 2023 in different areas of the province to ensure accessibility

Dr. Carol Brown is an organizational development consultant, a mediator, and an educator in conflict management at Royal Roads University. She has significant experience in managing conflict and is delighted to be facilitating
your learning for both engaging in conflict and for leading and supporting change and growth.

We often as leaders, manager, and support people, get caught up in the task at hand, and fail to take time to reflect, pause, and connect to skills for responding to escalated emotions. This workshop will encompass 5 days of learning, with a precursor day online, 3 days face-to-face, and a post-practice debrief online.

LINK for registration

Contact the BC CEO Network for more info.

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