Housing Grant – New York Alliance for Inclusion & Innovation

Housing Navigation Report

A deliverable within the grant was the creation of a “Master Housing Navigator” (MHN) to provide housing navigation services to people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD) seeking to live more independently.

Home is Where Our Story Begins

In 2017 Inclusion BC and Community Living BC came together over the shared issue of inclusive housing for people with developmental disabilities. Together they formed the Inclusive Housing Task Force made up of people with lived and professional experience with inclusive housing and drew upon the expertise of approximately 80 individuals from around the province through a Housing Forum held in January 2018.

The Inclusive Housing Task Force was charged with developing a set of strategies to increase inclusive housing options and to look at promising practices in BC and in other jurisdictions.

Home Sharing Support Task Force Final Report

In March 2021, CLBC established a seven-member Task Force to review and carry out focused engagements to evaluate options and make recommendations to CLBC about the potential of establishing a new home sharing support entity to support the sustainability of the model.