Introduction To Home Sharing

The purpose of this handbook is to ensure that home sharing providers clearly understand their roles and responsibilities. The handbook reviews important standards and policies that have been endorsed by CLBC. It also provides an overview of successful practices within the field and shares resources that promote the longevity of home sharing relationships.

Handbook for Home Sharing Providers

The link below will be of interest to those home sharing providers who want to learn how to prepare for an emergency. The site is sponsored by the Government of Canada and includes valuable information about knowing the risks, making a plan, and developing an emergency kit.

The Disability Alliance of BC has been working collaboratively with a broad network of organizations and people with disabilities to build relationships with the emergency management sector. The link below includes information and resources that will be of interest to home sharing providers.

CLBC Standards Information

The policy supports the Standards for the Coordination of Home Sharing that provide requirements which guide service providers watching over the delivery of home sharing services and for CLBC staff responsible for watching over home sharing services that are delivered by service providers.

The standards can be found below, along with resources to support agencies with their learning and to support compliance: