Home sharing is the most accessed housing options offered by Community Living British Columbia (CLBC). More than 4,200 adults with developmental disabilities are accessing housing arrangements where an adult with a developmental disability shares a home with a person, or family who is contracted to provide daily living supports. Home Sharing is delivered through more than 3,800 dedicated Home Sharing providers and about 100 coordinating agencies.

One of the actions CLBC undertook was to establish an independent provincial society to address an identified need. The aim is to better support the home sharing community, including those living in a shared living model, their families, those providing services, and agencies coordinating services.

The Home Sharing Support Society BC (HSSSBC) was established in 2022. CLBC is committed to the society’s success and will continue to foster collaboration and partnerships and support the Society’s vision, mission and values. CLBC will not dictate or direct the society on its membership or its strategic goals.

The Home Sharing Support Society BC does not provide or coordinate Home Sharing services funded by CLBC. If you would like to provide Home Sharing services, or if you are looking to receive services, we recommend you contact your local Community Living BC office for more information.